History of the Mega Motor

In 1993, Engines, Gearboxes & Axles Automotive Manufacturing Company of Mega Motor was founded and missioned to further decrease country’s automotive industry dependence upon foreign counterparts. Current affairs of Mega Motors follow five main targets as follows


  • Interior needs supply
  • Sufficiency in manufacturing parts and eliminating the dependence on foreign countries
  • Focusing on quality and achieving Total Quality Management (TQM)?
  • Presence in global markets and development of industrial exportation
  • After sales service to customers and consumers through SaipaYadak Company (spare parts)


Company Production Capacity

Annual production capacity of the company’s current products is as follows

  • X100Engine: 932337 sets per year
  • Nissan Motor: 135000 sets per year
  • Tiba Engine: 282150 sets per year
  • L90 Engine: 209000 sets per year
  • Tiba Gearbox: 282150 sets per year
  • X100Gearbox: 737000 sets per year
  • Nissan Gearbox: 110000 sets per year
  • X100 Axle: 700000 sets per year
  • Nissan Axle: 100000 sets per year
  • Tiba Axle: 100000 sets per year

Production Lines

Mega Motors’ interior product lines

  • Mega Site 1 :
  • X100 motor -X100 gearbox,Nissanmotorand Nissan gearbox production line
  • Tiba gearbox production line
  • Machining lines
  • Mega Site 2 :
  • L90 engine production line
  • Tiba engine production line

Mega Motors’ exterior production lines.

  • Nissan and Tiba Axle X100Production Lines are located in Golpayegan,
  • Eshtehard and Tehran sites